Jerry J. Adams

Hold on to memories, reshape the painful scenes, forget, borrow, replace, and invent. Controlling the scope of ones own existence – filtered through the function of forgetting is an essential part of our experience. My work examines the constraints of our psyche – the hopelessness of controlling memory and the idea of freewill – and how we are changing. My work is the exploration into the control necessary in order to validate ones own realities.

The images live within their own spaces, referential to earth but existing somewhere between the ground and an infinite construct that the mind is capable of inhabiting. The scenes are disruptions, they are visions of memories, many times altered, forgotten and in an attempt to be reconstructed again. The elements constructed within the images are filler- the material that the mind uses to bridge the gaps between unreality and functional perception – ultimately allowing us to perceive a comfortable reality. Victor Burgin wrote in an essay entitled Strange Temporalities, “…the commonsense view [of memory] in that there is no question of memory ever being a matter of the simple recovery of things and events ‘as they really happened.” My work is less the search for the memory to which to moment is entitled to but more about the significance the moments construct within our evolving reality. Burgin continues, “The ‘memory-trace’ is nothing more or less than a signifier amongst others, in complex and mobile relations with other signifiers. Finite constructs leave little to how human reality actually shifts and changes. Defining a status quo insists that one should live within them. A snapshot of a piece might lend itself to a moment but will never, photographically, be observed within the same circumstances.”

These images are the beginning of the degradation and compression of the human memory- often questioning the stability of reality within ones experiences. Asking: if we are the summation of memory and experience, dictated by a chemical reaction, are we then devoid of freewill and slave to the chemistry of our minds? What controls the grounding points of our relationships, our truths, our realities?